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Discussion in frontpage news started by hilbert hagedoorn, jun 16, 2015. Community patch base at the witcher 3 nexus mods and. Assassins of kings was released by cd projekt red in august 2014 system requirements edit edit source. Even the sales of the original game saw a massive increase due to the hype and mainstream success of this series. Witcher 3 kepler problems will be fixed with new driver update. Witcher 3 came with a gpu i bought a few years ago and im just now installing it to play. Before all of these changes i was running the game with low. Wild hunt has been shared by techjeep that helps to improve performance on nvidia gpus kepler and maxwell, which requires no addition of. Wild hunt has been shared by techjeep that helps to improve performance on nvidia gpus kepler and maxwell, which requires no addition of any other files. Im a guy who ploughing loves to overclock the living shite out of my computer. Alttab fixes, ive had problems with the game launching in borderless even though i close it set to fullscreen, and it goes to borderless if i alttab a few times as well. Im always running the latest patch as they continue to increase performance. The witcher 3 is een open world roleplaying game met goede.

The latest patch notes for the witcher 3 state that cd projekt red fixed an issue where a noblewoman in red would sometimes follow geralt everywhere he goes. Was reading the nvidia forms and theres lots of people on kepler gpus like 780ti, 780, 760 etc freaking out as their cards are under performing by a good margin. Wild hunt, then we have potentially good news for you. Mod categories at the witcher 3 nexus mods and community. Should work fine but i heard witcher 3 didnt run so well on kepler, perhaps it has been patched or driver updates fixed this. Where can i download all of the patched for witcher 3. This is my personal gift to all the users of real graphical suite, thank you very much for all your support. Here is the full list, the latest patch being version 1. This was also the final patch for pc consoles later got upgrade patches to better utilize the newer generations hardware.

Kepler issues will be resolved in a new nvidia driver update. How about fixing sli issues and kepler performance. Cdpr has already released a new patch in hopes of addressing some of these, improving graphics. Since the last patch im getting random crashes, whole system locks up and i have to hard reset. Witcher 3 kepler problems will be fixed with new driver. Amd radeon cards get improved performance in witcher 3 with.

Report problems with download to email protected see more. These files are taken from the latest windows 10 amd 1036 drivers, and seem to offer a nice performance increase in witcher 3 for amd users. I cant find them anywhere online, not even the developers website. Negative mipmap bias was added, which significantly improved the texture clarity of literally everything in the game and its very noticeable on foliage, which now looks so much better, much finer. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Remerge all your script merger script merges if you had any. Someone posted in the geforce forum today i think his username is manualg and said that there is a driver patch coming out for kepler cards. Nvidia have discovered a couple of issues in kepler gpu and are working to release a new driver update. Wild hunt on pc will receive a new patch on monday june 1 which will carry fix for the nasty no xp glitch in the game. Nvidia confirmed that there are some issues present with kepler gpus, but the company. Witcher 3 same fps on all settings toms hardware forum. Geralt, one of the best witchers, was granted supernatural enhancements that allow him to capture and.

New witcher 3 pc patch released, improves texture rendering. Interesting, looking at one comparison posted by mr. Some are reporting an increase in hardware temperature. May 20, 2015 amd radeon cards get improved performance in witcher 3 with reduced tessellation levels 180 days since catalyst whql drivers issued. The witcher 3 ps4 pro patch is coming soon push square. Those using keplerbased geforce 700 series gpus and older have started to notice poor.

Wild hunt edit edit source for the pc platform, the patching structure differs between gog galaxy and steam, with the former offering cumulative patches while the latter also provides smaller patch sizes due to. Ok so before i touch on the problems i face i have to tell you a little about myself when it comes to pcs. The witcher 3 on nintendo switch has become the talk of the town ever since the netflix series was released. Witcher 3s xp bug will get a pc hotfix on monday pc. As of yesterday, nvidia has released a new geforce driver which improves performance for kepler based gpus on the witcher 3. It includes numerous bug fixes and improvements for your game. And for all the clerver people that say steam does allow you to download or nothardsly sensible as you do not know that the patch creates problems until you do dl it. The mod adds the following enhancements to the game. While other outlets like eurogamer have reported performance hits in some areas. Widescreen gaming forum view topic the witcher 3 21. In addition to this, cd projekt red clarified that. Simply put all the content of the preset you want to use where the witcher 3 executable is to be found i. Wild hunt that, among other things, improves texture rendering quality and makes various bug fixes the full. If you have a kepler gpu and noticed some problems while playing the witcher 3.

And of course the game is using the latest patch, which is 1. Jul 18, 2015 cd projekt red released a new patch for its open world opus the witcher 3, and its a doozy. Witcher 3 gameworks performance bugissue on nvidia kepler. Amd radeon cards get improved performance in witcher 3. All told, it packs a pretty impressive six hundred changes, cd projekts marcin. May 25, 2015 cd projekt red on monday released a new patch for the pc version of the witcher 3. This doesnt just apply to the witcher 3, but it looks like many of the latest drivers put out by nvidia have been purposefully gimping 600700. Anyway now i am looking for the best driver for this game with a maxwell gpu. However, according to amds richard huddy, witcher 3s developer cd projekt red could allow using tressfx for hair and fur simulation, bringing huge performance gains for all.

Wild hunt has been an unqualified success both critically and financially, the game has suffered from some performance issues since. Saber interactive brings the witcher 3 switch patch 3. Jul 18, 2015 after a long wait today cd projekt has released the pc 1. It can be used optionally enabled by default by players when installed. I am hoping for the minimum framerate to exceed 30 fps at 1080p. Now after patch, i see my card burning 6265c in similar combat outdoor situations. Witcher 3 gameworks performance bugissue on nvidia kepler gpus incl. I had dropped my controller right stick sensitivity before the patch to 0. Found some others when doing a search for witcher 3 horse stutter. Wild hunt today on pc, with claims it makes the game look even better than it does now. It is so bad, that there is clearly something obviously wrong here. The patch also aims to fix rampant stability issues that have plagued pc players since the games release a few days ago.

Itll be interesting to see how keplerbased gpus compare to maxwell parts in the witcher 3. Wild hunt on september 12, 2016 and a few days later on september 23, 2016 for consoles. I browsed this subreddit and many other forums everyday since the day of release trying out every performance boost i could. I get exactly the same thing and i think this wasnt the case before patch 1. Witcher 3 detailed report there is a savegame file attached in the dr, if you have the gog version of the game, unzip it and place it under this pcdocumentsthe witcher 3gamesaves should work with v1. Wild hunt will be getting a new patch tomorrow to coincide with the release of the game of the year edition of the game, which has been revealed by developer cd projekt red. I bet the patch was written on a pc with a nonnvidia card. Its wide variety of settings allows it to scale down for graphics card. How i went from 35 fps average on low to 45 average fps on med. The witcher 3 kepler gpu 780780ti nvidia geforce forums. By that time, nvidia would have released 2 new gpu generations, price on the 980ti would drop, 980s would drop and amd will still be charging the same price for their 390.

On a sad note, this is a terrible patch popin has shot through the roof, and it was already bad enough to begin with. The game unlocks at 1 am cet tomorrow, which actually is 4 pm pdt 7 pm edt today, may 18. I wonder if just using an older driver would outweigh any optimizations done for kepler cards with the witcher 3 in 353. Wild hunt are located on this page in order of newest patches to oldest patches. Wild hunt on pc makes proper use of new and recent hardware. But, in witcher 3, its not the case, in fact the 980 beats it by a significant amount. Wild hunt swamp combat gameplay geralt explores a swamp and fights off the foes, showcasing a deeper look at combat and the inventory system. To install the patch, download communitypatchbase package, unpack it and copy both content and mods folders to your witcher 3 folder, replacing files when prompted. May 26, 2015 witcher 3 gameworks performance bugissue on nvidia kepler gpus incl. Many of you have asked us if amd radeon gpus would be able to run nvidias hairworks technology.

Home forums general chat frontpage news the witcher 3 pc patch v1. Jun 21, 2016 the expansions might be over, but cd projekt red is still polishing the witcher 3. The witcher 3 no xp glitch fix coming on june 1st guru3d. Real graphical suite at the witcher 3 nexus mods and. Witcher 3 benchmarks and performance thread pcmaclinux. Nvidia players with keplerbased cards are still waiting on a fix. They better hurry with the promised kepler fix driver.

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