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In may 2015, the european commission launched an ambitious digital single market strategy. Waiting for psd2 will the eu digital single market deliver. The new copyright in the digital single market directive. A european digital single market strategy giancarlo f. On 3rd of december 2018 the new regulation proposed by the european commission in may 2016 to end unjustified geoblocking online will enter into force.

Where the single market for goods removes barriers like customs and tariffs, the digital single market removes barriers to people using online services across all the 28 states. A digital single market dsm is one in which the free movement of persons, services and capital is ensured and where the individuals and businesses can seamlessly access and engage in online activities under conditions of fair competition, and a high level of consumer and personal data protection, irrespective of their nationality or place of residence. Copyright licensing and the eu digital single market strategy. Five priorities for achieving europes digital single market. On online platforms and the commissions new proposal for.

The digital single market, as pushed forward with increasing speed by the european institutions, does not. Reforming intermediary liability in the platform economy. This article provides an overview and critical examination of the new directive. Eu digital single market strategy ibm point of view. Economic benefits of the digital single market, imco, 10 july 2018 a single market for electronic communications the telecoms single market tsm package of 20 as enacted will have minimal direct economic impact. There is a key role for the eu to play in addressing the new challenges standing in the way between smes and digital growth opportunities. Digitising european industry aims at ensuring that businesses, smes and nontech industries can benefit from digital innovations to create.

Weve been able to create a single market for physical goods in the european union, but a digital single market does not exist, he told usa today in an interview at the headquarters of the. Heralded as a priority of his mandate by european commission president jeanclaude junker,2 the creation of a digital single market is indeed not separable from ongoing discussions over euu. Shaping europes digital future digital single market. Directive on copyright in the digital single market. A level playing field for the digital single market.

A big step toward the european digital single market regulation eu 9102014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market eidas on 23 july 2014, the european parliament and the council of the european union have adopted the. On 6 may 2015, the european commission announced its plans to accelerate the creation of a digital single market across the eu. New eu rules allow europeans to shop online without borders. Copyright in the digital single market draft compromise amendments on article and corresponding recitals article draft compromise amendment replacing all relevant amendments, including. The eus aim is to broaden access to ecommerce, media and. Overview of single digital market vision for east africa 3 these three components of a single digital market need to be underpinned by an enabling environment that helps to promote the development of a digital economy, such as teaching digital skills, creating a favourable business environment including fostering innovation, developing hard. The eus digital single market announcement regaining europes digital sovereignty. Europes approach to the singlemarket is always most successful when it aims to remove trade barriers between the member states and not to. Eu scrambles to finish digital single market in 2018.

Online platforms and the digital single market 5 their data are used to generate advertising revenues or are sometimes sold on and shared with third parties. This is a new important step in breaking down barriers in the digital single market, he also declared. European contract law and the digital single market edited. The european commission announced its longawaited digital single market strategy last spring in an effort to strengthen europes role in a global economy driven increasingly by. It argues that what started as a legislative instrument to promote the digital single market turned into an industry policy tool, shaped more by effective lobbying than evidence and expertise. The 16 steps of our digital single market strategy will help make the single market fit for a digital age. The digital single market strategy aims to open up digital opportunities for people and businesses and enhance europes position as a world leader in the digital economy. This digital single market strategy has benefitted from input and dialogue with member states, the european parliament and stakeholders. Commissioner tibor navracsics, in charge of education, culture, youth and sport, also welcomed the agreement. The european unions digital single market strategy.

The opaque and legalistic privacy notices used by online platforms are one reason for this lack of trust. A big step toward the european digital single market. One of the objectives of this agenda is to ensure that protected content is accessible across borders by endusers. In 2015, the digital single market strategy for europe was presented by the commission with the ultimate goal of modernising vat for crossborder ecommerce and reducing related red tape. Digital technologies provide new opportunities to enjoy cultural content on the go, and people are eager to use them. Whereas the digital single market is one of the areas of progress that although holding challenges, contains the potential of high efficiency gains that can amount to eur 260 billion per year and thereby contributing to europes recovery from the crisis. Crossborder parcel delivery council approves final text of regulation. The digital single market is a policy belonging to the european single market that covers digital marketing, ecommerce and telecommunications. Making better use of the opportunities offered by digital technologies digital has fundamentally changed entire economic sectors national barriers prevent a true single market legislation needs to keep up with markets the eu needs a coordinated response to digital challenges and opportunities why a digital single market strategy.

The house of lords eu internal market subcommittee, chaired by lord whitty, has launched an inquiry into the regulation of online platforms in the eu. Digital single market com2016 593 final which are relevant to information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subjectmatter uploaded by their users is incompatible with existing eu directives, as. Our strategy is an ambitious and necessary programme of initiatives that target areas where the eu can make a real difference. The european commission has set a tough goal for 2018 of wrapping up legal negotiations on all 25 of the digital single market proposals that it announced since 2015. Eu digital single market strategy ibm point of view the objective of the eu digital single market strategy dsm presented on may 6, 2015, is very clear. Ecorys final text of the eecc has just now become available. Mercedes samavi, alistair maughan, kristina ehle, and rakesh grubbsharma. The eu is committed to making the single market fit for the digital age, by enhancing the protection of consumers and data subjects, while providing businesses with the legal certainty they need to invest in this field and support growth and innovation. Pdf online platforms and the eu digital single market. A digital single market can create opportunities for new startups and allow existing companies to grow and profit from the scale of a market of over 500 million people. Afterwards, they prepared to vote for what would be the final draft of this new directive, but without the. Now more t han ever, t he decision t aken by e u policymakers will det ermine t. The eus internet economy contributes some 700 billion a year, or 5 percent, to gdp, and the hightech sector employed almost 8. It was announced in may 2015 by the juncker commission mariya gabriel, a member of the european commission, is responsible for the digital single market as of 7 july 2017.

Pdf vat digital single market package charlene herbain. In may 2015, the european commission announced its digital single market strategy to accelerate the creation of a digital single market dsm across the eu. Whereas the digital single market is one of the most innovative sectors of the economy. As noted in the european commissions digital single market strategy of may 2015, european smes still struggle to reap the full benefit of technologyenabled commerce. Overview of single digital market vision for east africa. The first draft of the proposed directive was created on 14 september 2016, after many changes to the original draft, the council of the european unions committee of permanent representatives the eus political leaders, abbreviated to coreper approved of the new changes on 25 may 2018.

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