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Books to read if you love the harry potter book series insider. There are whole sections of her wizard fan fiction throughout the book and her stories are so good that they released her fan fiction as its own full, separate novel, called carry on. If youre looking for more amazing bedtime reading to share, and magical stories to get your kid pumped for a trip to the bookstore, try one of these wonde. Harry potter is one of the most wildly successful franchises in existence. Harry receives a letter from dumbledore about his inheritance, due to an ancient rule of the house of potter, harry is forced to take up the mantle of head of a dying house. May, 2010 the harry potter series teaches so many lessons with so many themes, twists, unforgettable characters, humor and romance. Often hailed as harry potter meets college, the magicians follows. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your postpotter depression.

Rowling signed a deal to bring her popular book and film franchise to islands of adventure, the. Keep your harry potter fans reading with this huge list of magical adventure books similar to harry potter that they will also love. Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 pdf free download. Below, weve gathered the best books that combine harry potters genre. Like harry potter, the all souls trilogy has a passionate fan following. Along the way, he learns many secrets about his past, and discovers that not all wizards are good. Harry potter fans have spent countless hours mulling over the books and film franchise and have devised some pretty spellbinding theories about the world of witchcraft and wizardry, some of which. Find groups in london, england about harry potter and meet people in your local community who share your interests. The secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel by michael scott. I also love the green rider series by kristen britain, and for adults that. Vampire academy and bloodlines by richelle mead teen reads. Very few works of fiction have come close to harry potter to reach out to tender hearts all across the world. Harry potter fans may remember nicholas flamel from his appearance in harry.

One day, he is summoned to meet a mysterious aunt he never knew he had and. Harry potter and the adaptation from novel to film by robyn joffe for as long as people have been making movies, people have been making movies based on books. Sep 04, 2017 like any great fantasy or scifi series, harry potter is full of easter eggs, the subtle references that turn us all into giggling nerds. Check out our list of excellent book recommendations gathered at leakycon, a harry potter fan. For example, maybe every monday for an hour after school.

True harry potter fans know the books hold a special magic about them that the movies will just never capture. The best books to read if you love harry potter oprah magazine. London harry potter meet up london, united kingdom meetup. The name of the wind is harry potter meets high fantasy, as kvothe comes of age in a world. Along the way, he meets various characters of the games lore and builds a. Then when diagon alley opened last year, i knew it was time to plan a visit. He must learn what it means to be a potter in the pureblood dominated society as well as dealing with consequences of his desire for freedom. And if youre looking for the best harry potter projects, tutorials, and lists be sure to check out raegun ramblings series. Do you want something else to read in the meantime.

May 18, 2015 19 books to read if you loved the harry potter series. I had wanted to visit universal orlando ever since harry potters wizarding world opened. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Insiders guide to the wizarding world of harry potter. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed dumbledore the best, and. The last harry potter book may have come out in 2007, but we still love the magical series. Harry potter fan books kids, harry potter kids, books. Combining elements of both the harry potter and narnia series, the magicians trilogy is a mustread for fantasy fans everywhere. Harry potter himself may be all grown up but weve chosen our pick of the best books for fans of the young wizard to keep the magic alive. More than a couple of these are classics that everyone should read at some point in their life. Childrens librarians from around the country selected books in two categories. While harry and his friends have been aware of hewhomustnotbenamed, aka lord voldemort, for a few years, this second part of the series is when the battle between good magic and the dark arts really.

Harry potter fans may remember nicholas flamel from his appearance in harry potter and the sorcerers stone. Read on for heaps of ideas from readers, librarians, authors and teachers. The association for library service to children alsca division of the american library association alahas some suggestions. Simply flip open the first harry potter book and lets begin. Check out these 12 books and series to obsess over on a harry pottertype level.

Welcome to rharrypotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the harry potter universe. New book from the wizarding world coming this summer. That should give you an idea how bad this is going to go. A handy guide to reading the harry potter books for the first time. The world of harry potter fan fiction can be highly overwhelming, especially if youre a beginner. If you want to know more, check out my books on amazon usa link. Check out the book addicts guides recommendations for harry potter fans. Check out this list of new books like harry potter that are sure to enchant readers. The website is creatively designed for fans of the book and film series to connect over a passion for the characters, plots and setting to find different types relationships. So i am on a quest to find a book that will be a fun but good read. Not being big theme park fans, i searched for tips for visiting harry potter world that gave me the information i was looking for but didnt find what i was looking for. Loved harry potter but tired of every rec list including percy jackson.

Jul 10, 2017 are you looking for books like harry potter for your teenager. The harry potter series teaches so many lessons with so many themes, twists, unforgettable characters, humor and romance. Rowlings birthdays, so to celebrate, were taking a look at the 14 types of harry potter fans. If you love harry potter, youll like these books, too. While harry and his friends have been aware of hewhomustnotbenamed, aka lord voldemort, for a few years, this second part of the series is when the. In a world of evil rats and peaceful mice, these epic stories of good vs.

May 19, 2014 hogwarts isnt the only magic school on offer, and harry and hermione arent the only pintsized wizard and witch your grade schooler will love. Mar 20, 2019 how to choose kids books for harry potter fans. Legend has it that the reallife flamel discovered the secret to eternal life. After the misery of life with his ghastly aunt and uncle, harry potter is delighted to have the chance to embark on an exciting new life at the hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft. Billed as a grownup harry potter, this adult novel follows brooklyn teenager quentin coldwater to brakebills academy for an education in sorcery and romance and general college debauchery. Read more about harry potter and the philosophers stone.

This is what dumbledore left to hermione in his will that helped the friends figure out the deathly hallows. In an earlier post, we pitted the two leading harry potter narrators against each other to see which one is truly the best. Harry potter fans might appreciate books that are tangentially related, such as. Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 pdf free. Both series were recommended to me on amazon after i closed the last harry potter book and needed a new fantasy fiction fix. The books themes dive much further than the wizarding world, touching on activism, love, friendships, relationships, family, and more. The first slice of the wizarding world of harry potter was announced by universal in may 2007, after author j. From fantasy epics to modernday witches to the contemporary saga of high school, this list has something for every harry potter fan. Recommendations from the association for library service to children are you waiting for the new harry potter book. Centred around cath, who writes fan fiction about a famous wizard and his friends, this book is sweet and sad and a weekend read. There are thousands of fantasy novels out there waiting to be read, but not many. Best book series for 6th graders ever greatschools. The wizarding world of harry potter hogsmeade and diagon alley hogsmeade. Some suggestions for places would be a local park, a coffee house or a library.

How can you possibly follow one of the biggest book series ever. Trust real people, not robots, to give you book recommendations. This is a quiz for real harry potter fans just like me take this quiz. And while they still love it, theyre now teenagers and looking for other fantasy books to read. The protagonist, stephanie, meets skulduggery whos a sorcerer, a detective and also dead. So much so that many of us are already planning on reading them to our own kids, because everyone deserves that experience. This meet up aims to bring together harry potter fans who love the wizarding world and those with a love of other fandoms welcome. The easter egg we are referring too relates to the lead character of fantastic beasts and where to find them, newt scamander. Books like harry potter, to fill the harryshaped hole in your life. And fan fiction tropes which have become so pervasive, even diehard fans might be fooled into thinking theyre genuine jkr products.

While most fans appreciate the books and the movies for their respective merits, there are plenty of book fans who think the movies did a fairly poor job of representing the intricacy and beauty of. The story of the boy who lived captivated millions, first as a book series and then later over the course of eight films. Here are a few books that every adult harry potter fan should read this year. Please put on and vote on any books that you think harry potter fans would like. Nov 27, 2017 harry potter and the philosophers stone. Cursed by the gods the sphinx series is perfect for grownup greekmagic loving fans of percy jackson. Harry potter and the deathly hallows is the seventh and final book in the harry potter series by j. But just like any beloved book series, its depressing when its over. Harry potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the harry potter books and movies who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in roleplaying games, socializing on harry potterbased forums, and more. Youll find stories with magic, a heros journey, good vs. Recommended by janine holmes from cambridge, england. What to read after harry potter 1645 books goodreads.

Come to a local harry potter meetup to talk about harry, hermione, ron, hagrid and dumbledore and their struggle against the dark arts. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. They will meet witches and armored bears, fallen angels and souleating specters. The color of magic is where we meet tourist twoflower and wizard. While the wizarding world of harry potter in florida is a top destination for fans, imagine if everyone who worked. Speaking of which, find information about the 2017 happy harry potter giveaway below. After graduation, quentin moves back to new york with his magical friends but is unimpressed with his mystical lifeuntil he learns that fillory, the magical land in his favorite. Maybe youll never find a book better than harry potter, but that doesnt mean you cant. When the harry potter series has been read and reread many times over, its time to branch out and find some alternatives that might just appeal to the harry potter fan.

Nov 15, 2006 guy drives past barnes and nobles and ruins the ending of a newly released harry potter book. Next, delve into diana wynne jones trove of other acclaimed fantasy novels for children. Every harry potter book, ranked from worst to best screenrant. Thanks to this ultimate list of books like harry potter, with classic. What to read after harry potter childrens books the guardian. This book is an easy read for harry potter fans considering the. Its been 20 years since harry potter first hit the shelves, and the popularity is still going strong. Then came the hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. If you didnt know who you were before the boy who lived this is the place for you.

What was the sixth movie of the harry potter series. There are quite a few recommendations for the kids and middle grade. What year was harry potter and the chamber of secrets released. Twins sophie and josh find out the legend is true when they become entangled in a battle for the book of abraham the mage. Magical harry potter quotes in the series of instantclassic books and blockbuster movies, many harry potter quotes stand out for their insight, wit, and inspiration. But after rereading them for the billionth time i believe it is time for a break. It followed by a continuation of the original series, harry potter and the cursed child. Dec 05, 2015 harry potter fans looking to find significant others based on their interests in the magical universe can now rejoice at the dating platform dating for muggles. What year was harry potter and the goblet of fire released. Aug 21, 2017 5 harry potter swear words you might have missed.

Inside harry potters wizarding world at universal orlando. Maybe youll never find a book better than harry potter, but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy reading other novels about magic, friendship. Harry potter and the adaptation from novel to film the. Jul 31, 2016 sunday marks both harry potter s and author j. I have read twilight, which was way to hyped up but ok. Fan page created on the 17022014 by admin molly jun 22, 2015 we love harry potter audiobooks obviously, but finding the best narrator for you is key when listening to this series. Shipped off to bloors academy, charlie meets other children with. The graveyard book by neil gaiman, read by the author. Harry potter fans are united in their thirst for adventure, their curiosity, and their passion for making the world a better place. Starting with the fourth book, harry potter and hopefully his fans have matured a bit as harry enters his fourth year at hogwarts.

The thinking womans guide to real magic by emily croy barker. Share your stories, pictures and life changing experiences here. This is a new series and a new book is slated to publish each december. Jan 25, 2019 the world of harry potter fan fiction can be highly overwhelming, especially if youre a beginner. And its not just people too prepare to meet magical creatures and even. Jun 10, 2015 the dark lord of derkholm and year of the griffin by diana wynne jones. What was the fifth harry potter movie that was released. Harry potter meets oceans 11 its the best mix of fantasy and. Growing up with the harry potter series was a magical thing. Weve come up with several books that might fit the bill.

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