Lezyne road drive vs pressure driver

The road drive is a purposebuilt pump designed for high pressure, low volume tires most often found on road bikes. Making sure that you continue your ride in no time with optimum tire pressures. Beside size differences, the only specification that sets one apart from another seems to be the maximum psi the pumps are capable of. This is the same smart pump design, with the same features, but with one change. Jul 11, 2012 lezyne say, the compact, high pressure road drive hand pump combined with the convenience of a co2 inflator to make an all in one inflation system. Lezyne pressure drive pump competitive cyclist road. Lezyne gauge drive hp our first pressure gauge hand pump duration. The cnc drive is available with either a digital display above. Lezyne has a strong reputation for making highquality cycling accessories, and the road drive is a shining example. Pumping the stainless steel footlever discharges a strong continuous blast of compressed air. Lezynes pressure drive mini pump is a cnc aluminum mini pump that claims to go to 120psi. Lezyne gauge drive hv our first pressure gauge hand pump duration.

Riders who spend most of their time on the road would find a high pressure pump like the pressure drive better suited to their needs, but the this little guy has more than earned its place in my mountain bike bag. To make pumping high pressure tires a thing of ease, lezyne use a compact overlapping handle optimized for high pressure applications. Lezyne shock drive pump for sale at the colorado cyclist. It can fit in your jerseys rear pocket and will inflate tires to a pressure of up to 120psi or 8bar. Driver knocks down cyclist for riding between queueing cars whilst stopped at red light the cyclist posted the shocking dash cam footage on youtube jonny long april 24, 2019 12. Pressure drive pumps are high pressure units, hp for short, designed to pump up road tires. Ive tested it with multiple road, mountain bike and cyclocross tubeless tyres with excellent results. What is it really like to ride a bike with a hidden motor.

Catalogue year mechanical view pdf year electronics view pdf year 12 mechanical precision view pdf year 12 advanced technology view pdf year 11 mechanical precision view pdf year 11 advanced technology view pdf year 10 view pdf charts led beam pattern guide view pdf ebike led compatibility view p. The pressure over drive lezyne customer service and. The digital pressure over drive with abs1 pro from lezyne is a high volume floor pump capable of seating tubeless setups thanks to lezynes integrated tubeless power system. Equipped with presta and schrader valve compatible abs flex hose with integrated valve core tool. The hp design makes this a frame pump replacement, inflating tires to riding pressure with 20% fewer strokes compared to conventional hand pumps. Lezyne digital pressure over drive floor pump black. We were easily able to get our road tire up to the 90psi threshold and breeze right past it to 100psi at 300 pump strokes. This high pressure version pumps up to a full 120 psi 8. The 17mm diameter means more strokes than the pressure drives to get to the same. Lezyne road drive pumps are longer and leaner than pressure drive pumps. The lezyne lite drive is a lightweight, aluminum hand pump for high pressure tires. A good road bike air pump is critical to keeping your tyres ready for optimal road riding no. Lezyne is known for making high end bike accessories and shop equipment featuring cnc machining and sharp looks.

It has a little button to press to let the pressure out of the pump when youve got your. It receives our highest accolades for its excellent pumping performance and classleading ease of use. With the classic lezyne alloy drive as base for this digital version, the bar is set. The lezyne gauge drive hp hand pump makes short of work of flat tires with its cncmachined aluminum handle and body with separate valve hose fitting. Road bike pumps high pressure road bike pump range pushys.

The lezyne digital pressure over drive is beautifully made and inflates even the most stubborn tubeless tyre. The cfh, with twistpuncture operation, easily and quickly inflates tires to riding pressure with the threaded co2 cartridge. Lezyne road drive bicycle tire hand pump, high pressure. The overlapping barrel and handle with a detacheable threaded hose makes for a compact package that easily slides into even the smallest hydration pack.

With its shinymachined aluminum construction, this pump is both pretty and efficient. Save up to 29% lezyne pressure drive hand pump with abs flex hose from. Lezynes high pressure hand pump made entirely of aluminium for precise and lightweight construction the barrel, handle, piston, end caps, and frame pump mount are all custom cncmachined. It is hard to get excited about a piece of kit associated with having a flat tyre but i cant help liking this product. The driver features a 2nm to 10nm torque capacity, a removable handle for. Efficient and compact overlapping handle optimized for high pressure applications. Efficient and ergonomic overlapping design optimized for high pressure applications. Nov 17, 2016 a majority of riders use presta valves, and the alloy drive pump has a pressure release port on the presta end of the hose. Jun 17, 2014 as an all rounder, it works well, but youre always better off having the right tool for the job. Over the years, lezyne have produced a pedigree of well thought out cycling accessories. The pressure drive is a great pump, but it does not quite compete with our top performing products. The abs1 pro chuck works with presta and schrader valves.

Universal cycles the largest selection of road and. Lezyne digital pumps, silca superpista, brooks saddles new. Lezyne offers two versions of the pressure over drive. After 96 years of operation by the same family, a period that saw the name silca become. Thelezyne road drive offers better pumping performance, but the pressure drive is no slouch and will not leave you disappointed. The cncmachined pressure drive pump makes your miserable road or trailside repair a bit less miserable with a large, 20mm barrel that inflates your tire faster and a removable hose that doesnt have to be held at exactly the right angle, like most mini pumps. These are some common tools used to work on this device. Lezyne digital pressure over drive with abs1 pro 1fpdprodr.

It even does well inside a jersey pocket alongside a tube to keep it. Great value mini pump from lezyne featuring an abs flex hose. A second is that this flex hose is absequipped it has a bleeder valve on it. Lezyne road drive v2 abs mini pump pumps evans cycles.

Buying new cycling products, whether online or instore takes a lot of research, finding the right product, at the right price, from the best retailer and one that delivers the best features and from a reputable brand. The 3% accuracy offered by the gauge means that at around 30psi youre within 1psi of the actual pressure plus the. With tubeless tires now ubiquitous among mountain bikers and cyclocross racers, and growing in popularity among road riders, an easy, portable solution for seating tubeless tires on the fly is necessary for many riders. You can push more air with a larger diameter barrel and thus pump a tire up faster, but it will take more arm strength to do so. Pumping effort is similar to the road drive and slightly easier than the pro bike tool. The lezyne road drive pump is cncmachined aluminum and as with other lezyne minipumps, this one comes with an abs speed hose. The lezyne road drive pump is to the carbon what the carbon pressure drive is to the pressure drive. Weve been getting a lot of great feedback for our new control drive co2 inflator this year, and didnt miss an opportunity to add their own. Nov 07, 2016 after years of use, the pressure drives case is a little beat up but its still going strong. Competitive cyclist is your shop for everything bike. Feb 28, 20 there are a few pump varieties that lezyne offers.

Available in both small 170mm, 112g and medium 216mm, 128g sizes, the alloy drive is constructed of cncmachined aluminum and employs a hidden hose to inflate both presta and schrader valves. The main difference between the road drive and pressure drive hand pumps is the diameter of the barrels. Along with a backup c02 inflator, the lezyne is now my goto for mountain biking and road rides. What separates pressure drive pumps from road drive pumps are the barrel diameters. Cncmachined aluminum standing in for carbon fiber at the handle, barrel, and frame mount. Find great deals on specialty road, mountain and triathlon bikes, components, clothing, accessories, and more. For the road drive cfh, it maxes out at 160 psi which should be sufficient for most riders needs.

Lezyne pressure drive hand pump with abs flex hose road bikes. Lezyne 120psi digital pressure drive hand pump black small. Shop the latest lezyne range delivered free to the uk mainland. Best handheld bike pump the lezyne pressure drive s solid aluminum body, smooth pumping action, removable hose, and secure pumptovalve attachment make for a handheld pump that is functional and efficient. Their gauge drive hand pump is a compact and light weight trail pump with an inline pressure gauge to ensure tires are inflated accurately. Lezyne just got our hands on the new, 2014 velo buyers guide and noticed our road drive hand pump on one of their articles. But its very expensive and slightly flawed as a regular pump, though it certainly works. The road drive maintains efficiency and a consistent feel at high pressure while delivering more volume than other highpressure pumps. However, the road drive and the pro bike tool high pressure pump both outperform the pressure drive, hitting 70psi and 66psi respectively. The road drive also has a full aluminum piston head, where the pressure drive has a carbon matrix piston head. Repair guides and support for the pressure drive, a portable handoperated air pump made by lezyne. Silcas history dates all the way back to 1917, when the company was founded in italy by felice sacchi.

The pressure drive is just 7in long including its rubber end caps, which means itll fit in a rucksack or back pocket with ease, or clip unobtrusively under a bottle cage. The lezyne lite drive mini pump is a classy and very good pump. The hose is double ended, and fits schrader or presta valves. Lezyne has made a name for themselves with beautifully crafted, exceptionally functional aluminum cycling gear and their road drive pump is no exception. Lezyne pressure drive troubleshooting, repair, and.

The cfh can also be used with the pump to inflate tires. Among all the pumps we tested, nothing reached this level of quality at the same price. The pressure drive only hit 17psi in the mountain bike tire test, compared to the 37psi reached by the lezyne gauge drive. The lezyne digital alloy drive should be a quick, accurate and portable pump for those inconvenient moments during your mountain bike rides. The road drive barrel has a slightly smaller diameter which makes getting up to higher pressures a bit easier on the arms. The barrel, handle, piston, end caps, and frame pump mount are all custom cncmachined.

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